Friday, May 2, 2014

Random Five Friday

There were lots of comments and questions this past week (yay!). Fortunately, many of them fell into common themes so I think I can fit them into my random five topics.

1. When will I bring Lucy home? I am keeping her at Sandy's barn until the first of June. I want a month of lessons to ensure that we are steady and working well together before bringing her home. She's a second level horse and I've never ridden beyond first so I have a lot to learn to keep her together. And she has a lot to teach me too. The plan is for me to ride four times (or more) per week -- two lessons plus two days riding her on my own. Sandy will train her one day per week. I had another lesson today which went well, despite the 90F heat. I did wilt at the end but felt like we are figuring each other out. Lucy seemed happy to see me and I think she understands that I am her new mom. I felt a different energy from her today; an interested and invested friendliness. There is a big Hilda Gurney clinic going on at the barn this weekend and there were banners, tables, chairs and pop up tents everywhere. Lucy didn't blink an eye. I promise to get more pictures of her (and a video) soon.

2. A few of you wanted to make sure I had her thoroughly vetted. Lucy had a complete vet check with x-rays of every bone in her legs and feet when her previous owner purchased her this past August. I talked to the vet and she reviewed the films with me. There are a few things that would make her difficult to sell but should not be a problem for me from a soundness issue. For instance, she has a small bone chip in her hock -- that has never bothered her. She has been sound in full time training since she arrived at Sandy's barn.
I don't plan on selling her. If she does develop soundness issues, we will retire her with the rest of the herd.

3. Winston has not been sold. There has been a steady stream of people inquiring about him but Sandy is screening them carefully. His flashy coloring draws people but most of the callers are not strong or experienced enough to handle him. Remember this is Winston with the rock star personality -- he wants to be admired and famous but he doesn't want to do the work to get there. He needs someone who can set the boundaries -- he has been excellent for Sandy and I have no doubt that he could be an awesome horse -- for the right person.

4. When Lucy gets here, she will share a pasture with Pistol. We will have a mare pasture and gelding pasture. I think that Pistol and Lucy will get along great -- neither one of them is a dominant personality.

5. The green grass on the ranch will be brown by summer. We get all of our rain between November and May so the days of green grass are numbered. The final measurement of the snow pack was done today and the news was not good. 18% of normal and the water table is the lowest it has been in a century. I foresee water restrictions intensifying across the State. We need a number of wet winters to replenish the lakes, reservoirs and ground water.


  1. thank you for answering what inquiring minds want to know. :)
    I agree with the not doing xrays. My vet says that they are not always necessary (I didn't get steele xrayed but he was just 16 months old).

    I have been so jealous of your green grass that I forgot that it will be gone by the time mine is lush. I guess it's all perspective.

    I love how you're taking your time with Winston. I'm also glad that he lives far away because he intrigues me. I love the horses with a bit of an edge to them.

    It's a worry about the water. Do you have rain water collection system?

  2. Well that answered a lot of questions for me. : ) Sorry you still have to spend so much time and money on another horse but I know this is necessary right now.

  3. Congratulations on your purchase of Lucy! Here's to a happy match!

    Hilda Gurney! OMG! I rode in a clinic with her many moons ago, and she was nasty, to me and everyone else. I hear she's mellowed. I hope so.


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