Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Rest of the Day

Other than my fall off of Winston, Saturday was a good day.  The fall could have been averted if I had been smart.  Winston was not being naughty.  I should have taken the time to line him up straight next to the mounting block.  Gayle was up for lessons and I was rushing to get on and get started.  It was my very own self inflicted pressure; Gayle was not impatient.

Last night, I was having a lot of pain when I inhaled or talked so we went down the mountain to the ER.  We left the turkey on the counter, golden brown and uncarved.  Fortunately, I didn't break any ribs but I did bruise the chest wall pretty thoroughly.

Yesterday, the weather was gorgeous; sunny and warm with a few puffy clouds for decoration.

  Gayle arrived after breakfast and Brett was first up.  He and Mufasa are making all kinds of good progress.   Gayle started introducing Mufasa to the idea of bending around Brett's leg.

 By the end of the lesson, Mufasa was beginning to understand -- and Brett's legs were about to fall off.

Since I was unable to ride in my lesson, and since Gayle is pregnant (yay! congratulations!) Winston was lunged instead of ridden.  Gayle worked on getting him to track under and she was pleased with how well he was bending and using his body.

Meanwhile, the Las Vegas buyers were back for a second look at the house.  This time they brought two carloads of people: buyer, girlfriend and her son, and buyer's dad.  They spent a long time in the house.
They were interested in the orchard.  There will be a good crop of peaches and cherries this year.

The roses are blooming by the greenhouse and by the pool.

After they left, we reviewed another offer with our realtor.  Remember the nice family with small children who gave us the ludicrous low offer?  They sent another offer which is still ridiculously low but we are countering anyway.  Maybe they will come up to reasonable.  We would like that; we would like to sell Aspen Meadows to a family that loves it as much as we do.

In the early afternoon, another couple came up with their realtor to look at the house.  They are horse people, currently living about an hour from here.  They had peppered our realtor with questions all week and expressed high interest.  Their visit was pretty short -- about 25 minutes.  They whizzed through the house and barn, asked a couple questions about the weather -- and then they were gone.

The rest of the afternoon was quiet.  Brett flossed Flash's teeth,

Brett put the turkey in the oven, Brett drove me to the ER... basically, Brett did everything.  I wasn't much help on my weekend home.

Today, we are spending Mothers Day in San Diego with my mother, sister and brother.  It will be a nice Mothers Day for my mom, having all three of her kids there.  Brett and Camille will hang out with us and my dad as well.  We'll eat KFC (a Mothers Day tradition since I was small) and I'll pop pain pills.  :)

Then its back to Sacramento this evening.

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