Monday, May 6, 2013

Donkey Discussion

 Hey, Tuffy and Finessa,
c'mon over here.  
I need your advice on something.

What's up?  We're all ears.

 I've got this Google+ comment dilemma. 
My blogger friends can't comment on my blog
unless they create a Google+ account
and some of them are concerned about privacy
and won't.
I miss them.

Tuffy: Get rid of Google+

But I have a lot of followers on Google+.
They leave me comments too.
I can't just delete that relationship.
And Google+ allows non-blogging friends and family
to comment.
I like that.

Finessa:  You have a problem, alright.
 Brett created a Google+ account last night.
It asked for his name and gender.
It wanted his birthday, but just month and day.
It didn't seem invasive to us,
but that's a personal decision.
My boundaries aren't the same as everyone else's.
I publish poetry
so I'm used to my name being out there.
Other people aren't.

Jackson: Live and let live.  People will do what is best for them.  Let it go.  

Thanks, Jackson.  You are a very wise horse.  I'll do that.

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