Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mufasa Learns About Cavalletti

After I finished playing with Winston and the cavalletti on Sunday, Brett took a turn with Mufasa.  We lowered the jump to the lowest setting and the cavalletti as well.

Brett started by walking Mufasa through the cavalletti.  Mufasa was worried and unsure; the first time his hind leg hit the pole he surged forward and scooted sideways.  Brett ignored the spook and calmly kept walking -- so Mufasa did the same.

Once Mufasa had been over the poles a few times, Brett took off his halter and did some free lunging.

Mufasa went through the cavalletti and over the jump.  Then he got lazy about jumping and decided to step on the poles instead of going over.  He snapped both of them in two.  I don't think he enjoys jumping quite as much as Winston.

Mufasa's gaits are so nice.  He is definitely more balanced and using his body nicely.  In his trot, there were moments where he floated and hinted at extension.

But the thing that brings us the most satisfaction is how far he has come in the trust department.  Mufasa trusts Brett completely.  Does this look like a head shy horse to you?

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