Saturday, May 4, 2013

Now I Am Six

Winston turned six yesterday. 
We celebrated today with one of our best rides, ever.
I did my homework
(eyes up, elbows soft, shoulders back, legs draped)
and he did his
(supple, forward, seeking the bit).

Afterwards he got a bubble bath,
a massage,
and his picture taken.

Brett rode Mufasa
while I was working with Winston.
They looked pretty darn awesome.

The morning was warm,
but a cool breeze picked up in the afternoon.
Note the wind blowing Jackson's mane.
His clean mane, I might add.

Back to the birthday boy...
Winston has a new game
(his game list is extensive).
It involves washing Jackson's breakfast bin
in the water trough.

Note to my followers:  Recently, I linked my blog comments to Google+.  For the most part, I like the change.  It requires that the person making the comment have a Google+ profile which eliminates spam.  Unfortunately, it means those of you without a Google+ profile can't comment.  And I miss you!  A lot!  So, please create a Google+ profile.  It just takes a minute and then we can talk again...

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