Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Warm and Windy

It has been very windy for the past few days up here on our mountain.  Monday morning it was blowing fog and rain while I did the morning chores.  I had my cowboy hat pulled down over my ears, as tight as it would go.  I walked with my head down so the hat would catch the wind and the rain.  Yesterday, it was cold but there was no rain or fog.  Today, it was still windy but the sun was shining brightly.  Brett and I rode in the early afternoon when the wind had reduced to an occasional gusty breeze.

Winston was eager to go to work.  For the most part, he was very good.  He bent nicely around my leg and I felt like I could move his hind legs under and over with just a breath of pressure from my leg.  Mufasa spooked and bolted a few strides when a gust of wind blew a branch from one of the cottonwood trees into the areana.  Winston barely flicked an ear; he just kept on working. 

Meanwhile, Brett was busy encouraging Mufasa to canter.  I had to request that he not ride up behind me and Winston, shouting "C'mon, c'mon, c'mon."  Winston was all ready to c'mon and go.  When I did ask him to canter, he kicked out and bucked; something he hasn't done in a long time.  Once Brett stopped urging Mufasa with his voice, Winston relaxed.  We got some nice canter and then called it a day. 
Jackson and Mufasa

The horses spent some time grazing on the grass while we relaxed in the sunshine, sitting on the wood bridge, talking about that house we made an offer on.  We haven't heard back yet.  We think that is good news -- at least it wasn't a "Hell, no, go away" response.  We will be interested to see what they counter with.  And we will be okay if it doesn't work out, too.  There are lots of beautiful properties in El Dorado county.  Right now, we have to concentrate on selling Aspen Meadows.  The listing went up, the sign is on the street, now we cross our fingers and hope people will drive up the mountain and look - and like - and buy.

Tara asked what kind of trees are in the pastures of the house we like up north.  The entire property is thickly wooded with oak trees. 
Val said she was curious about what I do for a living since I am relocating for work.  I work in healthcare and, specifically, I work for a hospital system.  My department is responsible for negotiating all the contracts with insurance companies, healthplans, medical groups, etc. for the hospitals in our system.  It is a "corporate" position in the sense that the negotiations are centralized in the managed care office and not at the individual hospitals.  My current system has three hospitals and some subsidiary companies like hospice and home health.  In Southern California, there are a handful of systems so positions at my level are few. 

The job in Sacramento offers me more responsibility (six hospitals) with the potential for growth (if I want it).  But, what really drew me to the position was the location.  Brett and I have wanted to get out of LA for a long, long time.  My current commute is two hours each way and that is just killing me.  I have been fortunate that my employer is flexible and I have been able to telecommute a few days a week.  But, still, I hate the drive.  It's long and its ugly.  So, now, I will have a job with a great team of people, working for an exceptional healthcare company, in one of the most beautiful parts of California.  I'm pretty happy.  Okay, now that the stress of getting the job and deciding what to do and telling family, friends and co-workers is behind me, I'm ecstatic.


  1. Wow! Last I heard you were picking up wine - now you are picking up and moving. How exciting!! Can't wait to hear what you find! This is even more fun than finding a new horse! Hope all goes as you want it to.

  2. Wow! Your job sounds very complicated. I probably do not really understand what you do, but that is okay. Thanks for answering my question. I was really curious.

    Your new position must be completely awesome to warrant relocation and everything at Aspen Meadows. I hope you are able to find a comparable farm in Sacramento. And please take us with you (via blog)!


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