Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sun? What Sun?

This morning dawned grey with wisps of fog blowing across the property.  I turned my jacket collar up on my neck as the dogs and I walked down to do chores.

I wanted to give the bunnies some grass as a treat with their breakfast but there wasn't a long stalk to be found.  Brett had efficiently and thoroughly mowed it all down.  I looked at the property behind us with its long grass and decided to open the gate and grab a fist full.  Sedona was right behind me and tried to push past.  The look on her face was "Zeus!  I'm going to go play with Zeus!"  Unfortunately, Zeus died a few years ago and then Buffy and George moved to Nevada.  No more Zeus.  No more Buffy and George.  We miss them.  And clearly Sedona does too.  She ran circles around me for five minutes, jumping and grinning like a puppy. 

The sun didn't come out all day but there was sunshine in the house.  I was afraid that with my new job, I wouldn't be able to attend the wedding of my friend Sylvie.  She lives in Brittany, France and we have been sisters separated by an ocean for a long time.  It will have to be a quick turn around trip but I can go and that makes me incredibly happy. 

Camille is doing better, much better, today with her flu.  This afternoon we spent a couple hours just hanging out with the dogs and the goats, talking about boys and university and majors and life.  She is frustrated with the junior college experience and is ready for university life.  The fog went from wisps to thick and wet.  We went back in the house and I lit a fire in the wood stove.

Pizza for dinner.

Chance of rain tonight and tomorrow. 


  1. Good news that you can go to France. The pizza looks divine!

  2. Somehow pizza and gray, hazy days seem to go well together :)

  3. Wood fire and girl talk are the way to go on days like that. The pizza looks amazing!


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