Friday, April 26, 2013

Starting the Next Chapter

I've been busy today packing all my work clothes and loading them in the car.  Brett's been busy making the property look pristine.  There is a showing scheduled for tomorrow afternoon (crosssing our fingers that they fall in love with Aspen Meadows).  We won't be here; we're leaving bright and early to drive to Sacramento.  It will take the better part of the day to get there -- with lunch and potty stops, I'm guessing it will be an eight hour drive. 

I will move into temporary corporate housing -- a fully furnished apartment provided by my new employer for 90 days.  I start my new job on Monday and I am looking forward to getting settled into my office, meeting my assistant, and interacting with the team I am joining.  It's going to be quite an adventure living in an apartment in Sacramento during the week and flying home on the weekends to be with Brett and the animals.  I'm telling myself it will be an adventure and I'm hoping that I will be too busy at work to get seriously lonely.  I'll be lonely without Brett, for sure, but I'm hoping that coming home on the weekends will keep it from becoming unbearable.  I'm a pretty independent and self-sufficient person but I don't like being separated from Brett.

I'm not sure how often I'll be posting but I'm guessing that posts will be limited to the weekends when I am home.  During the week it's going to be "went to work, ate dinner, called Brett, went to bed" -- not exactly fodder for interesting posts. 

Brett is going to stay with me for the first few days in Sacramento.  We are going to look at a property on Sunday and Brett may look at some additional properties Monday and Tuesday while I am at work.  If we find anything interesting, I'll share for sure.  The property on Sunday sounds promising -- it was a one time dressage training farm with a full size dressage court, a warm up arena and a barn.  It's been vacant for awhile and grass is growing through the sand but it might, just might, be something we could fix up.  The house needs work but I'm willing to live in a shack if I have a full dressage court to ride in...

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  1. safe driving to you and good luck house hunting!


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