Saturday, April 20, 2013

Here Comes the Sun

After a cold and blustery week, today was warm and sunny.  There was a slight brush-your-body breeze, bright blue skies and warm sun.  We rode after breakfast before the pleasant warmth turned to uncomfortable heat.

Winston was a rock star.  He remembered all his bendy lessons and was like butter around my leg.  The last time I rode him, he finally bent around my leg at canter.  Today, he bent on the circle and in the corners and anywhere else I asked him.  His leg yield was prompt and reaching waaaaaay under; not straight, mind you, but expressive and easy.  I was happy thrilled with him and he was pretty pleased with me himself too. 

We let the horses graze afterwards.  The grass is quickly turning brown so they had to forage far and wide.  Flash, Mufasa and Winston headed for the area where blackberries are growing on the fence.

Jackson was busy behind the barn, grazing along the back driveway.  He came around the corner of the barn and headed for the grass on the slope.  Right after I stopped the video, he saw the others and cantered - CANTERED- up to join them.  Lame?  I don't think so.  Not today, anyway.

Then they spotted the front lawn.   ooooohhhh, green grass!  Even better.
Can you see Jackson and Mufasa through the apple tree?

Brett on his way to get Flash.  A horse stepping on a sprinkler head is not a good thing.  Can you see Flash's tail through the cherry tree on the right?

Mufasa was hiding in plain sight.  Jackson was busy by the fountain.

Maybe Winston and Mufasa wanted to come in the house?  Winston walked right up to the front door.
Tomorrow morning we are flying up to Sacramento to look at more property.  No nibbles on Aspen Meadows yet.  It's a bit discouraging. 


  1. Now thats what it should be like, except the veggie patch!!

  2. Go Jackson and wow to Winston. I love the fact that your horses get to graze around the property. Happy hunting...hope you find a place.

  3. your house just went on the market. Give it time!

    I love how keen the horses are to earn their keep as lawn mower! it seems that winston knows where the carrots are kept.

  4. the horses grazing all over the yard are too cute (and happy!) good luck w/ the search!

  5. That's so cool! I would love to let Simon graze around my house.

  6. I guess you don't have to mow? That is a win-win for sure.


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