Monday, February 10, 2020

Second Agility Class

Sage and I had our second agility class this evening.  We’ve been practicing at home and it really helped.  We missed last week’s class due to our trip to Arizona but we weren’t behind at all.

Sage did really well with most of the obstacles.  She does not like things that go wobble, wobble, smack so the teeter-totter is difficult for her and requires extra treats and praise.  But jumping through tires... piece of cake.

Tunnels are her favorite, I think.  Tunnels tend to be very popular with all the dogs.

One of the new obstacles tonight was circling a barrel.  The trainer gave us instructions and I’m thinking, “oh, like barrel racing.”  Sage nailed that one too.

The best part about agility is the fun factor.  Sage never stops wagging her tail and wants to do more, more, more.  It’s hard to wait in line for her turn.  Her vocabulary (and mine) is expanding quickly — “tire”, “jump”, “tunnel”, “feet” (pause with your back feet on the ramp), “table”, “weave,” “target,” and “go around.”  Our homework is to practice “target.”  When I say “target,” she is to run ahead of me and touch a target (plate or something similar).  We’ve got a lot to keep us busy; all this plus our regular obedience classes.

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