Friday, April 29, 2016

Random Friday

1.  There was a goose convention in the front pasture yesterday morning.  When we went out to do the morning chores at 6am, a group of at least 20 Canada geese were walking around and honking.  Flash and Tex just kept on grazing but the noise was deafening; imagine 20 cars honking their horns at the same time, without stopping, for 30 minutes straight.  I thought I was going to get a headache from the din.  Finally, six of the geese flew off and the others settled down to their usual intermittent honking.

2.  Earlier this week we had a bit of rain in the afternoon.  Jackson was snug in his roundpen with a view, and the others have run-in sheds in their pastures.  When I got home from work, Tex and Flash were a bit wet (who needs a stinkin' run-in shed) but the girls were completely dry.  Lucy was waiting for me at the gate when I went to muck the girls' pasture.

Thank God you are here to take me to the barn.  I'm ready. Let's go.
Lucy, the rain stopped.  And you aren't even wet.
It might start again.  It might be worse.  I might get, OMG, wet!!
Lucy, the sky is clear.  The rain is gone.

I proceeded to push the muck cart to the first pile of manure.  Lucy ran, tail and head high, the length of the pasture and then came sliding back.

Take me NOW!  I can't believe how mean you are!
Lucy, even the Queen of England spends time in her country home in Scotland.
Yes, but its a castle.  I need to go to my castle.
Give it up.  You aren't the queen and I'm not taking you to your castle.

A few minutes later, Brett showed up with the hay cart.
"What the heck got into Lucy?" he asked.  I just shook my head.  It's Lucy being Lucy.  Our resident prima dona.

3.  Thanks for all the feedback on my "I don't feel like riding" post.  It gave Brett a bit of a scare.  I assured him that I will probably want to ride again; I just don't feel like it right now.


  1. I understand what you mean about noisy geese! We get so many sometimes they cover the entire surface of the pond. Must be at least 40-50. Nobody in the pastures pay them any mind except for Blue. If they come in to graze he will put his head down and charge them like a bull seeing a red flag. Guess he doesn't care for goose droppings on his salad bar!

    We also have four run in sheds( one in each pasture) nobody ever goes in them in the rain. They prefer to stay under the trees. If it's lightening...all the better.

    1. I did see two geese chasing Flash one day. They were flying, swooping over his back, and he was cantering away from them. He didn't look panicked, just annoyed.

  2. Carmen is in full agreement that Princesses need their castles. And that you are mean. :)

  3. Your horses have the good life. Ours have to rough it. Canada Geese are very special to me. Unfortunately, they never settle in at our house, but they do fly over and when I hear them I run out to stand under them as they pass. I might think differently if they were honking that loudly in my backyard. :)


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