Friday, April 15, 2016

Random Friday

1.  I got a call from our vet a few days ago with the results of Tex's blood work.  It came back negative, on everything, so that is good.  No PSSM, no special diet, no grazing restrictions, no complicated management.  He is still getting magnesium twice a day but will transition to a once daily maintenance dose after next week.  He will be on the ulcer meds for three months; the medication is in the form of a powder and he doesn't like the taste at all.  We've found that adding some sweet feed and molasses turn it from "hell no" to "yum."  He's settled down a lot.  It used to be that he ran laps in his pasture everyday and rarely, if ever, laid down for a nap.  Now, he only runs when the wind is brisk and no more than the rest of the horses who all get a bit wild in that kind of weather.  He takes naps everyday and enjoys mutual grooming sessions with Flash.  He still more spooky than the average bear but is improving.  He is consistently sweet and well-mannered.

2.  Brett finished painting the trim around the windows on the first floor of the house.  When we had the siding replaced last fall, we had painters do the backside of the house and the trim on the upstairs windows.  Brett doesn't like heights and I'd prefer he didn't go up a ladder, so that worked out well.  After he finished the windows, he painted the kayak rack that he built, so it matches the porch deck.  There are a number of projects in the queue right now; it feels never-ending.

3.  Brett's friend, Marv, who lives on the dirt road that winds behind our property, went onto hospice Monday.  It's been a sad week for both of us, but for Brett especially.  This is the guy who first befriended us when we moved in, who gave us the history of the house and everyone who ever lived here, who showed Brett where the water lines were, helped Brett split our wood, mend our fences and cut down dead pine trees.  He was outside at 7:30 every morning blowing leaves off his deck and driveway (I never thought I would miss hearing that sound, but I do) and he didn't stop moving all day.  Brett, who works harder than any man I've ever known, could hardly keep up.  His wife is an artist and avid hiker -- she took me on a number of hikes when we were first settling in.  Eggs are one of the few things he is still able to eat and enjoy.  The hens are in full production, so we are keeping him well supplied.
When the chickens see me, they crowd up close "Got any weeds for us?  Maybe some with muddy roots hiding juicy worms?"

4.  Sometimes it feels like we live in a bird sanctuary (which is fine by me).  The donkey pasture is currently housing a couple geese and, more recently, a pair of Mallards.

 Then, of course, there are the robins and killdeer and, my favorites, bluebirds.
These are actually bluejay feathers -- bluebird feathers are much smaller.
We have a million acorn woodpeckers; very colorful; very destructive.  They drill holes in our siding up near the eaves.  There are so many holes that you don't need a light when you go into the attic, the light shining in the holes is plenty bright.  Also present in large numbers are quail, doves, towhees, finches, sparrows, swallows and hawks.

Wishing everyone a sunny weekend full of birdsong.


  1. Good news about Tex. Very sorry to hear about your neighbor...I believe you have posted pictures of him with Brett.

    You have one of the nicest chicken facilities I have ever seen.

  2. Good to hear the news about Tex. I'm sorry to hear about your friend. That's very sad. I have tons of birds too. The woodpecker was so destructive we had to get a new lamppost when he whittled it down to nothing by the base. Sometimes there's so many geese the entire surface of the pond is covered with them.

  3. That has to be a relief for you about Tex, and now you know what you're dealing with. Very sorry about your neighbor. He sounds like one of the great ones.


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