Friday, January 29, 2016

Random Friday

1.  We had dry weather all week but the rain returned last night.  A heavy, wet, warm storm (from Hawaii) will drench us today and tomorrow and then the temperature will plummet.  An Alaskan storm moves in Sunday with a possibility of snow.  During the week, for the first time this month, I was able to go for a walk outside on my lunch instead of my usual -- walking up and down the stairwell (my office is on the third floor).

2.  Last night we brought the horses into the barn at dinner time.  I walked up to Tex, who was waiting for me, and gave his neck a scratch.  He backed up two steps.  I walked the two steps to put myself halfway between his neck and withers.  Same thing, he backed up two steps.  What the heck?!  Tex, are we going backwards here?  He looked at me and dropped his head low.  I can be so dense sometimes.  He was backing up to put his head in the halter.

3.  Jackson has been spending his outside time in the arena.  I can't get his hoof boots back on; his hooves have grown too long.  I don't think they were trimmed short enough last time (obviously) and it is probably why Jackson was objecting to them so much.  I looked into the EasyCare shoes that The Dancing Donkey recommended but I don't think they are a viable option for Jackson.  The performance shoes don't have sole protection and if they were combined with some sort of pad, it would require nails and his hoof wall isn't strong enough for nails.  They do sell boots to protect thin soles but they looked similar to what I use now.

4.  Brett has been limping around the past week.  His foot has been bothering him -- ranging from uncomfortable to shooting pain/can't walk.  I've been going into work late and coming home early to muck out the pastures for him and today I finally convinced him to go to the doctor.  They took x-rays and will let him know Monday.  In the meantime, I'm trying to convince him to wear his most comfortable boots (he doesn't want to get them muddy).

5.  Some of you may remember Auke, a Friesian I had for five years and sold six years ago to a young rider in Nebraska.  He was talented and gorgeous, but not a good match for me.  We did fine when we had regular weekly training but when that became impossible financially and logistically, we got nowhere.  He thrived with his young rider and she took him to PSG.  Now, she has finished her undergraduate work and is off to medical school -- and will not be able to give him the regular work he needs.  She offered him back to me but I'm very happy with Lucy, who is perfect for me, and I take lessons very sporadically now.  His owner adores him so I know she will take the time to make sure he goes to a home where he will continue to thrive.  He certainly did with her.


  1. New boots for Jackson and Brettay be just the thing. Tex is such a character! Here's to a better week.

  2. Sorry about the foot problems of both Jackson and Brett. Hope they will both find the right thing to help them,


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