Friday, January 22, 2016

Random Friday

1.  Olivia asked if we've thought of glue-on shoes/pads for Jackson.  We did try those a number of years ago and it didn't work well at all.  I mentioned it to our farrier this fall in the hopes that technology had improved, but he strongly recommended that we stick with boots.

2.  Linda commented that it is hard when our horses don't understand that we are trying to help them. Oh, man, is this true or what.  For any of our animals.  I wish I could explain to Jackson that the boots help his feet, that he can't go barefoot into the rocky pasture with Lucy because he'll get an abscess, and that I'm trying to keep him sound so he can live a happy, long life.  All he sees is that he has to wear big black boots that rub his heels and clomp when he walks, and that he is separated from Lucy.
3.  Thanks also for all the comments on my food posts.  The positive feedback on the dessert, in particular, made all the work worthwhile.  Well, the fact that Brett finished it off in nothing flat felt pretty good too.

4.  We had rain for eight days straight; then a break for a day and a half.  Today the first of two storms arrived; the second, tomorrow, will be colder (but not cold enough for us to get snow).   Starting Sunday, we should have a week with no rain.  A break will be nice but a part of me will worry until the next storm pops up on the weather report.  We have a long way to go yet to get out of the damage the drought has done to lake levels and water tables.

5.  Brett and Pistol worked another therapy session on Wednesday.  The break in the weather was perfectly timed.  Brett wasn't sure how Pistol would be since she hasn't been to the center since before Christmas -- they were closed for the holidays and then the rain started.  Brett shared his concern with the director and she said they would see how Pistol was feeling when she arrived, and if she was too wound up they would do something else.  Horse people know that you have to work with the horse you have on any given day; you can't do much about their mood or energy level.  Pistol, of course, was stellar.  Cool, calm and collected; she put her head down and did her job.  Brett is so proud of her.


  1. Have you seen the cavallo pastern wraps? I got them for Val when he first went barefoot. The boots were rubbing and made him reluctant to wear. Not too expensive and they work. :D

  2. We have the rain, too, and I'm also hoping it replenishes snow packs and lake and aquifer levels. A lot of people around us were losing their wells last year...and the wild fires...they were way too close for comfort. I could see two of them from my back yard. It's miserable looking and cold outside, but I can't begrudge any of it.

  3. It is too bad your farrier is reluctant to try some of the newer plastic shoes. I have been having great success with the Easy Care Easyshoes.

    Combined with dental impression material as a sole pack, they are doing wonders for the thin soled horses I am working on. On one horse, we went from 6mm of sole depth and severe white line to 15mm of sole in just 10 weeks. After 6 months, all signs of white line disease have disappeared. We nearly put this horse down because of his feet, but he was rideable after one week in the easyshoes. He did a 15 mile trail ride this Fall and loved every minute of it. That horse has been in every kind of hoof boot known to man. They helped, but his feet still kept degenerating. The easyshoes have saved his life.

  4. Poor Jackson, I always wish I could explain these things to my pets. It's raining right now down here. Several of the storms stayed up north, but today we are getting a nice, steady rain.


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