Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Break in the Weather

We were supposed to have rain on Monday but instead we had a sunshine filled morning.  We moved the horses outside, Brett cut up some kindling, I worked in the garden -- and spent some time with Tex.

The other day I was able to put a nice tight braid in his mane.  It laid nicely against his neck when his head was down to graze

...and relaxed into a wave when his head was up.

This morning more than half of it was out.  I decided to leave it out.  It gives me a reason to spend time with him, brushing his gorgeous mane.

Today we practiced grooming at the tie rail.  He backed out of the space quite a few times so we were busy going back, back, back and then forward.  He finally gave up and stayed put.  And he didn't get attacked by trolls.  He was very good about the curry and body brush.  When his mane was tangle free I pulled out my uber-soft face brush.  I started on his neck and then moved to his face.  He tolerated it; not thrilled but not resistant either.

Afterwards, I let him hand graze around the clumps of green grass sprouting everywhere.

He watches me like a hawk now and he waits for me at the gate when I go in with his halter.  He has gone from walking away, to staying put, to coming to meet me.

It's baby steps, but they are all going in the right direction.


  1. I just checked the like button. If iI could I would hit it 100 times. I have so much respect for you and Brett for the love and care you have with your 4 legged friends. I'm so glad you are both giving Tex every option to turn things around. It's a beautiul thing to see him respond.

  2. Nice braid work! I'm very jealous of the sunshine. We still have melting snow and cold rain. The fact that Tex is walking to greet you is huge. I would say it is the biggest step of all.


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