Sunday, February 2, 2014

Soaking up the Sunshine

Just to be clear, there isn't any sunshine today.  We have cold, windy overcast skies; an occasional raindrop and a possibility of snow flurries.  But, we did have sunshine on Friday.  Brett caught the horse relaxing in the sun after a therapeutic roll in the mud.  Spa day at its best.

Tuffy and Finessa

Mufasa and Jackson

Jackson -- doing great.  I removed his fancy booties today.


Flash and Winston (last day at home - for awhile)

Nobody naps like Flash.  

Sleep -- ahhhh, bliss.


  1. Looks like you have some green grass poking through!

  2. Flash definitely looks like a professional napper. And YAY for the rain!!!

  3. There's something "camelesque" about Flash's expression. He certainly gets the most out of his relaxation.

  4. Seems like everyone is sleeping today:) Hug B


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