Saturday, February 8, 2014

All Aboard the Pineapple Express!

Did I mention that it is raining?

We are in the midst of a big storm that came our way from Hawaii. It's a warm, wet storm and welcome. The locals call it a "Pineapple Express."

There was a big flock of Canada Geese in the clover pasture, wading in the puddles and honking happily.

We went to a function at one of the local wineries today. Everybody was wearing rain slickers and rain boots. As we stood with water dripping onto the cement floor from our jackets, holding our glasses of wine, we grinned and greeted each other "Its raining!" and "this is a great start." We need much, much more rain. Folsom Lake is down over 100 feet from normal. So far, with this storm, the lake has regained two inches.

Brett brought the horses into the barn yesterday afternoon. They were happy to be in a dry place and have been staying inside, with their heads poking outside to the turnouts. This morning when I was mucking Mufasa's turnout, he took one look at me with my hood up, snorted and spun away.  The dogs have ventured off of the porch just enough to get wet and muddy.  They are enjoying the shelter of the barn as well.

I had a big bone in the freezer from our Christmas ham.  I used it to make a ham and barley soup for dinner.

Pear and cherry cobbler for dessert.  Rain, even a relatively warm rain, calls out for comfort food.


  1. So glad you are getting some rain, I sure hope it continues for a while.

  2. Good news about the rain...your grass is going to grow! And that dinner! Wish I was there. I'm sure all the critters loved being in the barn for a break.

  3. Little known fact . . . they are actually Canada geese. For whatever reason, they aren't called Canadian geese.

    I know, the mind boggles. I discovered this a couple of years ago and I thought I would share.

    I'm glad you are getting rain. Drought sucks dry sand.

  4. Barley is the unsung hero of grains. Such a great addition to a winter recipe

  5. Muddy dogs, I love it! After all this time, some rain finally. The Express must be moving slowly down the state because here the sun is shining and the only storm we have is made from wind.


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