Saturday, February 15, 2014

Puttering and Bird Watching

It's been three weeks since I've been able to putter in the yard. First the flu kept me on the couch and then we had a huge rainstorm. Not that I'm complaining about the rain, we needed it so badly. We have more rain coming in tonight so the skies were grey all day. It is another warm storm so it was a comfortable 60F outside.

The pastures are turning emerald green and the streams are still running with clear water. Kersey jumps in as soon as we let the dogs out of the barn in the morning.

We've stopped feeding the donkeys hay. They have plenty of green grass to eat and they don't need to gain anymore weight. They are not happy about this and bray in the most pitiful way when they see the hay cart going by. Or when we walk to the barn. Even when I step out the side door to grab an armful of wood. I'm sure all the neighbors think we are starving them.

I spent some time pruning the rose bushes along the front porch. While I trimmed back the rosemary and the sage, Sedona kept watch from the middle of the front lawn. Kersey wasn't interested in anything but her bone.

One of the best things about our property is the birds. There are birds everywhere; woodpeckers in the trees, quail in the pasture, sparrows, hawks and Canada geese. I bought a book to help me identify the birds awhile back and I installed a very cool app on my phone (Merlin) that helps me with identification too. This weekend is the Great Backyard Bird Count (sponsored by Cornell University). I decided to take part so I spent the better part of an hour sitting with a pair of binoculars, my bird book, my iPad and my gardening journal. The "rules" of the bird count ask for a minimum of 15 minutes birdwatching but I was having such a good time that I kept going. ...I have a feeling this could be very addicting.


  1. I love attempting to identify birds too. There are so many new ones here to learn! I hope your mom is doing well.

  2. how very cool - and nice to have to sitting and relaxing for a bit. :)

    love sedona. what an elegant lady.

  3. I'm so glad you have so many birds. Ours have all but disappeared, all I see here are ravens. I guess it is the drought. I love Sedona's crossed paws and how content she looks.

  4. Thanks for the app tip! Glad you're enjoying your weekend. :D

  5. Have you seen the movie The Big Year? I know you don't watch many movies, but you would enjoy this one. Glad you are over the flu - but I think you sent it my way : (

  6. I should have taken time to do the bird count this year, and I'm so glad you got a good book to help you... I have one for the midwest.
    I would give in to the donkeys, you are stronger than I!

  7. Kersey looks like SUCH a happy Lab in water. Sedona looks like it's all beneath her. Typical Pyr, lol!

  8. Sounds like a wonderful addiction. I'm loving your green grass. We still have a bit of a wait :)


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