Wednesday, February 26, 2014

So Disgusting

Last night when I got home from work, I removed the diaper and duct tape booty from Jackson's foot. He was walking better and the booty was starting to look frayed. I pulled the sticky bandage tape off and slipped the diaper off his hoof. It was rank; full of black, oozy, stinky gunk. I don't think anything smells worse than the crud that comes out of a burst abscess. Even after washing my hands six times, I could smell the stuff.

The horses were out last night, roaming the property. This morning when I went out the back door to get my car from the garage and go to work, Flash and Mufasa were blocking my way. Brett went to the barn and got their buckets of supplements ready. Flash watched, but he didn't budge.

Jackson watched from his spot by the run-outs.

Flash and Mufasa eventually made their way to the barn, ambled into their run-outs, and into their stalls for breakfast. Brett had to bring Jackson in with his halter. He could walk, he just didn't want to go in.

This is the second abscess for Jackson this year. His feet are so thin that bits of this and that migrate their way inside, fester, and then burst out. It's a painful process and a stinky one.

As I write this, we have a light rain falling on the trees and the garden. I'm listening to the drip-drip-splatter as drops fall from the eaves of the house. Its a calm, cleansing rain; a perfect rain.


  1. glad jackson made it through another one. poor boy.

  2. Burst abscesses are definitely gross. Hopefully now that that one's gone Jackson can find some relief. And Yay rain!

  3. Something you could look into for Jackson are SoftRide boots. I use them for my laminitic horse and his feet are much better after wearing them for only two months.


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