Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcoming 2014

The horses had another day of wandering the entire property.  The perimeter is fenced so Brett opened the pasture gates and let them wander at will.

The spent time grazing on the front lawn.

Then they wandered out to the dressage court where the grass is green and plentiful.  They were happy there until something startled them and they headed back to the safety of the barn, with Jackson in the lead.

They milled around the barn for awhile before heading back to the front lawn.

Sedona kept watch.

Kersey slept.

Brett worked on closing the fence gaps between the wire and ground.

Kersey has figured out how to wiggle underneath.  Naughty dog.

I want to thank everyone for the comments left on yesterday's post.  You are right, I need to take it slow and not expect everything to be fixed/perfect immediately.  Patience has never been my strong point.  I spent some time in the garden today, pruning the nectarine tree and puttering.  It does feed my soul.  Thanks for the reminder.


  1. Go Jackson! Boy do they all look good! And there is Brett...his work is never done. The weather looks gorgeous as we head into temps around 0 the next couple of nights. Hang in there!

  2. As of 6 PM I'm still bent over and can't straighten up. Wrists don't work either from hand cutting 200' of wire fencing. Guess my wife will have to spoon feed me, (may as well start practicing now for the future).

  3. jackson does look good!bad, kersey!

  4. The horses really enjoy having such freedom, I'll bet! They all look really good, and happy. I enjoyed seeing your pictures, and the there's the life. :)
    It's surprising how dry everything looks around your place, and after all that snow you had. We're drier than what's normal, but we're very damp, moist and green. Lots of fog lately. Happy New Year Annette!!

  5. an idea for the dogs- have you thought about a wireless fence? that way you don't need to worry about gaps or digging?

  6. Oh Annette you have such a beautiful place. Hug B


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