Friday, January 3, 2014

Random 5 Friday

Passage has been complaining that she isn't featured enough in this blog.  She's joining us today.

1.  Theresa asked if we have considered a wireless fence to keep Kersey inside the property.  We had two neighbors at Aspen Meadows who used those systems.  When they worked, they worked well but it seemed like they rarely worked.  And a smart dog, like Sedona's boyfriend Zeus, can figure out how to evade the shock.  Kersey found a new spot to wiggle under the fence yesterday, Brett suffered numerous puncture wounds from the wire, and the horses scraped the tractor with their teeth.  I tried to mitigate the damage with dinner.  All his favorites: salmon, potatoes and sauteed mushrooms.

2.  Today they measured the snow pack in the Sierras.  We are at 20% of normal for the first of January.  We are at 7% of where we need to be by April 1st.  The hills are still brown and we should have turned green in December.  We desperately need rain.  Restrictions on water use have been imposed in many counties.

3.  I saw this quote today.  I think it is equally applicable to life in general and to riding.

The inner struggle is extremely difficult for all of us,
because we all have faults,
severe ones, that we will struggle with forever...
It's wise to accept that faults are inevitable.
Factor that in and keep going.
--Alice Walker 

4.  We have been putting the dogs in the barn at night.  They don't bark.  They hate it.  Last night, Sedona tried to avoid following me into the barn at bedtime.  Once inside, she took her treat and then ran to all the doors to see if she could get out.  We've had comments from four other neighbors telling us that our dogs don't bark anymore than anyone else's, that we live in the country, and that we shouldn't worry about this neighbor's complaints.  We are torn.  It does seem silly -- the dogs bark and chase away raccoon and fox but are otherwise quiet.  We like that they chase off critters.  But we don't want bad feelings between us and the neighbor.

5.  Katy has invited me to sit with her and a group of local dressage folks at the California Dressage Society annual meeting symposium in a few weeks.  I'm so excited to be linking into the horse community (and perhaps making some horsey friends), it isn't even funny.  
Katy demonstrating the work she's been doing with Winston
I've been thinking all day about those of you living back east.  I hope you have power, I hope you are warm, and I hope you don't have to do much more shoveling (Lori).


  1. i'm sorry about your continued escape artist. and i hate that you're living under this cloud of complaining neighbor. it puts a pallor over your life there, i know.

  2. I am having a difficult time in reading all of your random's because that SALMON LOOKS WONDERFUL...

  3. Ha ha ha! No shoveling today. Still very cold, but no snow and the sun came out for much of the day. Nice that you can go to the Dressage symposium with Katy. I was on the board of the Western New York Dressage Association for years, and met a lot of people...had many clinics here. Hopefully things will work out with the dogs.

  4. Oh keeping good neighbours yes it is important and I think maybe everyone should be happy it will work out.Good luck Hug
    I like how you fix Brett's bad day with food I try to do the same thing, I like how it works:)
    It is cold here but today it is warming up a little. I do hope you get rain. Hug B

  5. Nice to see everyone getting time on your blog. Dinner looks delish! I feel for you and the dog situation, but sleep disturbances are not something any neighbor is probably willing to accept. I hope you can find a solution.

  6. My parents had the invisible fence installed for their long haired German Shepard, but it never worked. They have a real fence though, and she never tried getting lose.

  7. I too hate the thought of a complaining neighbor. Our drought is getting scary, I think. Glad you ended on a positive note and I hope you will find new friends in the horse community where you live now.

  8. I've been that neighbour who's kept awake by someone else's dogs barking outside the bedroom window. It's not funny at all. I wish our neighbours had had the decency to shut their dogs in like you are doing. Even if they don't like it, they'll surely get used to the new nightly routine.


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