Sunday, January 26, 2014

Almost, but not quite, Useless

Even though I wasn't feeling strong enough to ride today, Kersey thought I was very useful.

1. My lap made a great place to rest against while I was sitting on the ground pruning rose bushes. Standing was fatiguing so I joined the dogs on the soft bed of oak leaves surrounding the rose planter. They stretched out next to me, still smelling faintly of skunk.

2. Kersey is a stick dog. She loves to chew on sticks and was busy with oak twigs she found lying about. She ran over to the porch where Brett was stacking wood and started whining, pawing at her head and writhing on the grass.  I sat on the ground next to her and pried her mouth open while she rested a bloody paw on my arm. There was an inch and a half long piece of rose bush wedged in the palate of her mouth. The thorns and sharp ends must have been excruciating.

3. While Brett fed hay and mucked the clover pasture, I tried to help a little bit with chores tonight by mucking the oak pasture.

I found Kersey in the pasture, sitting forlornly up past the run-in shed. Brett has closed up all the holes she used to get out onto the road behind us. We don't know exactly where she goes under the fence to get into the pasture, and she doesn't seem to remember either when it comes time to get out. When I finished mucking, I put the cart next to the gate blocking Flash behind it. I opened the gate and stood in front of Jackson so he couldn't go after her either. Head down and tail low, Kersey scurried past me and out the gate.

4. I put a turkey breast in the crock pot, made cranberry sauce and mashed some potatoes for dinner. My appetite is still not back but Brett is getting tired of takeout pizza and sandwiches for dinner. He doesn't complain but he works hard and deserves a good dinner. Turkey is one of his favorites.

5. While I rested in a chair in my garden this afternoon, Brett talked about building me a garden shed. I love it when he plans and builds. I could see it complete, up against the side of the garage, with a brick floor, a work bench and the old laundry sink.  Brett asked where he should put the door... and the windows.  I had been thinking lean-to shelter; he's thinking a real deal potting shed.  Is it any wonder I love the man so much?


  1. Oh poor Kersey sticks in the mouth can be very painful. I am so sorry you are not feeling well still I do hope you continue to get better. Oh he is a keeper your Brent but then again so are you:). Hug B

  2. When he finishes the garden shed, can he please come build a chicken coop for me? My husband, while handy, isn't so much into the building stuff. Yours is a GEM!

  3. he never sits still. bless him.

    poor kersey! hope her mouth heals w/o infection.

  4. Hey! Hope you are back to normal and riding soon. Brett (a real keeper) is going to have some beautiful shed waiting for you by spring...can't wait to see what he comes up with. Was Kersey fine after the rose/thorns were removed? That turkey dinner looks terrific, as in mouth watering! I will email or post the recipe for corn chowder.

  5. Brett sounds like a good, loving man. Your garden shed sounds perfectly dreamy... :) Poor Kersey! Annie had sticks stuck in the top of her mouth crosswise between her teeth a couple of times, but never a rose bush. Can be a real challenge getting them out.


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