Friday, November 1, 2013

Random 5 Friday

First answers to questions and then a few random things to fill out my random 5:

1.       Gunner asked what brand and color the blue paint is in our great room.  The paint is Clark-Kensington (Ace Hardware stores brand) and the color is “Uptown Girl.”

2.       Juliette wondered if we are able to ride among the vineyards at wineries behind our property.  Hmmm, would that be cool or what?  I’m guessing the wineries wouldn't be thrilled with us in there but it sure seems like a question worth asking.  …if I ever get confident enough to take Winston back out on the trail again, that is.

3.   Achieve1Dream asked for a link to Inger’s post about deciding not to have kids and her thoughts about it now that she is in her grandma years.  She kicked off quite a string of reflective posts in blogland.

4.       We had a great time at the wedding in San Diego of our nephew Pete last weekend.  The wedding was large, with a traditional Catholic mass.  But not dull.  Oh, no.  The priest brought a stuffed monkey into the pulpit and we clapped while it played “if you’re happy and you know it.”  Not to be outdone, one of the groom’s sisters arranged a flash dance as part of her toast.  The wedding party and family had dark glasses stashed which we whipped out and wore while line dancing.  Well, most people were line dancing.  I mostly crashed into people in the back while my husband was shaking his hips in the front.  Did I mention it was a really fun wedding?
Our nephew, Pete, and his lovely bride, Jen.

Brett's brother, Kurt, and his wife, Krista.

Kurt and Krista's son Carl, and his girlfriend Rachel

5.  My daughter, Camille, dressed up like a zombie for Halloween and went with her friends to West Hollywood.  I can see why she opted to stay in Southern California when we moved up here.  There really isn't anything like West Hollywood around us.  I do miss her though.  A lot.  I think she did an awesome job with her costume.  The bloodshot contacts make it extra creepy.  I told her that her grandmother reads this blog and would be impressed with the costume.  Right, mom?

LLinking to A Rural Journal for Random 5 Friday.


  1. WOW Camille looks great. The wedding sounds like a lot of fun they are the best kind where you get to keep laughing.
    I love that post of Ingers it touches your heart.
    Horses in a winery yeah don't think they would like that one.

  2. Camille makes for a pretty zombie. :)

  3. yikes, camille!

    and that's a catholic wedding mass like i've never attended... :)

  4. WOW...Camille did an awesome job recreating a Zombie. I would imagine there were plenty of them on the streets that night! The photos from the wedding are beautiful It would be wonderful to ride among the vineyards...

  5. Oh my very cool Zombie costume !

  6. thx 4 the blog read suggestion ... have a good week. ( ;

  7. Yikes!!!! That zombie costume is just creepy. Good job Camille!

    Thank you for the link to Inger's post! I'm going to go read it now. :)


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