Sunday, November 17, 2013

Lesson with Katy: 6

Having Katy work with Winston one day this week, while I was at work, was an excellent idea.  She got a better idea of what he can and can't do, he got a good work out, and I got a horse who had advanced a tad between my rides.  She is also reinforcing ground manners with Winston so between the two of us he is becoming a gentleman.  He stood quietly while I mounted up; no shuffling forward, no walking off when I was on until I said so.

We worked almost entirely on teaching Winston to bend through his body, step under with his inside hind, carry himself, and relax at the poll.

He knows what to do but it's hard work so sometimes he'd rather not try.  He figures that if he waits long enough, I'll give up and stop asking.  Sorry, Winston.  You may have a stubborn streak but I am determined.  I found that when he went into a "don't wanna do it" place, it was most effective for me to tune everything out (including Katy), go within, concentrate on what I was feeling and channel that determination.

 We finished up with some canter work.  I let Winston find his own balance and rode strictly from my seat.  Katy told me to ask for halt by sinking my outside seat bone at the same time I felt his outside hind land, and half halt.  Bam!  He went from canter to walk.  We have never done that before.  I burst out in happy laughter.  We ended on that successful note.  I swear Winston was grinning while we walked back to the barn.

Brett and Mufasa were up next.  They continue to work on similar concepts, getting Mufasa to relax and bend.  All this dressage stuff is very foreign to Mufasa, who has been a roping horse his whole career, but he tries hard.  He's smart and he learns.

Today was chilly so I made clam chowder (from my new cookbook) for dinner.


  1. Annette and are looking mighty fine on those ponies!

  2. Beautiful horses :)

  3. That was smart having her in the saddle! Great shots of all of you


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