Friday, November 12, 2010

Train Ride

This afternoon I took a train back home from a meeting in San Diego.  Brett and I went down to San Diego on Wednesday, checked into the hotel, went to dinner with his sister and her husband, and then back to the hotel.  Brett got up early the next morning to get back home in time to feed the horses, dogs and other critters.  I spent the day in my meeting.  Brett came back down Thursday evening after feeding and we went out to Cafe Chloe, a French bistro in the East Village area of San Diego, and had a wonderful dinner -- great food and the restaurant is small, eclectic, warm and romantic.  This morning Brett again left at sunrise to feed.  Because he left so early, we were awake to see the sunrise across the San Diego Bay (we were on Coronado Island) both mornings and they were truly spectacular. 

I took a taxi to the San Diego train station just after noon.  I sat on a bench in the courtyard in the sun and ate my box lunch.  I kept checking my watch, anxious to board the train and be on my way.  I had a seat in business class so I had no problem getting a quiet seat by the window on the coast side of the train.  We pulled out of the station, the train swaying gently as we wound our way up the coast.  I was relaxed, happy, loving life and feeling groovy.  Honest, the song kept playing in my head.   Then at Oceanside a family boarded and took the seats across the aisle from me.  Mom, Dad and a loud 7 year old.  Dad, who was quite large, immediately left for the snack car to get pizza, pretzels and soda.  Mom stared out her window and appeared to be pretending she was somewhere else.  The kid played with his two stuffed lions.  The lions began to wrestle with each other, then to fight, then to fart on each other.  I kid you not.  The boy made the offending noises and then one lion would yell to the other "Stop farting on me!"  This went on for 15 minutes.  Mom murmured to the boy periodically.  I began to wonder where my headache pills were and how soon we would get to my stop.  We finally arrived in San Juan Capistrano after a very long 30 minutes.  I grabbed my bags and raced off the train.  Brett was waiting.  He took my bags, gave me a kiss and drove me home where its quiet and peaceful and there aren't any flatulent toy lions.

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