Sunday, November 28, 2010

Short Visit

Last night we picked up Kyle and Camille from their dad's house on our way home from the airport.  They spent Thanksgiving with him this year.  Kyle was home for the holiday from school.  It was raining when we landed so the roads were slick and the drivers cautious and slow.  By the time we picked up the kids and got home it was late.  Kyle played with the puppy for a few minutes since he hadn't met her yet.  She tore around his room with one of his slippers in her mouth.  Then it was time for bed.  Sedona led the way, straight to her bed, curled up and went to sleep.  She was snoring before the light went out.  During the night the wind whistled and raced around the house.  Every so often it hurled raindrops that sounded like handfuls of sand against our window.  This morning was clear, cold and windy. 

Kyle slept until the last moment before we left for the train station to send him back to school.  We stood in the sun, trying to soak up its warmth, while we waited for the train and peered down the tracks.  His train finally came into view and crawled into the station.  The doors yawned open and Kyle disappeared inside.  Camille and I could see him making his way down the aisle, looking for a seat.  His was the tall silhouette with hood up and a backpack.  I couldn't see where he ended up sitting which was annoying.  I had no idea which window to wave at so I just waved at the train car in general as it pulled out.  On the way back to the car a breeze picked up and made my eyes water.  It made my throat catch too.  But I'm sure it was just the wind.

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