Friday, November 26, 2010


We are spending Thanksgiving in Colorado with Brett's daughter and her family.  Yesterday, Thanksgiving Day, we drove from our hotel (a few miles from their home) over to get the turkey in the oven.  Kerri, Brett's daughter, had a 24 lb bird and I had made stuffing (apple and cran-raisins) the night before.  We got the bird stuffed and in the oven early.  At 3:00 people started arriving, enough to bring our count to 22.  In-laws, out-laws, nieces, friends - an eclectic mix of liberal, conservative, and all shades between.  Kerri's grandmother-in-law, Gigi, at 90 was the oldest.  She was spunky and full of life despite being blind and in a wheelchair.  Dinner was potluck - and Joe, who has worked on Broadway productions and is very artistic, brought pumpkin margaritas.  He had created the recipe that morning and they were awesome.  Gigi had one too.  She had to drink hers from a sippy cup but that didn't stop her.  After dinner, while I was collapsed on the couch in a fog of too much food and wine, a group, including Gigi, was in the other room singing.  Of course, it wasn't exactly Thanksgiving music.  I remember hearing an Easter song.  

Today was about football.  Not being a football fan myself, I made turkey soup.  The turkey bones simmered most of the day and I ended up with a good rich broth.  I strained it and added some simple veggies - the grandkids aren't big on exotic veggies and neither is Brett - and rice for dinner.  In a few minutes we will take the dog and the grandkids for a walk around the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights.  It's cold, below freezing, so we'll be in hats and gloves and heavy coats.

Tomorrow we fly home.  Colorado is beautiful and its been great spending time with Kerri and her family but I really miss my puppy, my horse and my pillow.

When I'm 90 I want to drink pumpkin margaritas from a sippy cup.

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