Monday, March 29, 2021

The March Garden

 The best part of March is daffodils.  For each of the first seven years that we lived here, I planted a big box of 500 daffodils on the ranch.  So, now there are thousands of them.  There are daffodils in the garden beds, in the front planter, flanking the bridge and zig-zagging along the stream.  I suppose I have an obsession with daffodils.  They are just so dang easy — plant them and forget about them.  They come back — and multiply — every year.  They are the first flower to emerge in early spring, they are beyond cheerful and smell great.  The perfect flower.

The fruit trees are starting to blossom with the promise of summer fruit.  There were a couple of bees busy in the pear flowers a few days ago.  

The green house is overflowing with plant starts.  There are plants for my garden, of course, but the vast majority are for the Master Gardener Plant Sale in a few weeks.

I have eight varieties of tomato. 

There are three varieties of eggplant and four varieties of peppers.  

And zinnias.  Two varieties of zinnias.  They will not go to the plant sale as it is just veggies and perennials.  These zinnias will be planted in the raised beds with the vegetables.  

Out in the garden, I have a few vegetables just starting or recently transplanted.  There are sugar snap peas because they are so good for snacking when I’m working in the garden.  I also have carrots, beets, chard, and lettuce just poking out of the soil.  

Flash thinks all this working in the garden is crazy.  His idea of spring is napping in the sun. 


  1. Those daffodils are glorious. It always reminds me of Olive Kitteridge when I see so many. Fictitious character who planted thousands of daffodils. I always thought that meant she was one who invested in, and had an eye for, the future, rather than immediate gratification.

    Your life seems very in rhythm with nature, and your horses probably enjoy having you outside near them.

  2. I love daffodils but I have yet to plant any. My excuse is that I am still developing my garden beds.....


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