Thursday, May 4, 2017

Goats in Buckets

Goats are funny creatures.  They would much rather eat shrubs, including thorny rose or berry bushes, than grass.  As a result, the grass inside their area remained very long while the horse pasture was nibbled to the nub.  We decided to remove the bar above their gate that keeps the horses out of the goat area, but allows the goats to go back and forth between their area and the pasture, so that Tex and Flash could "mow" the grass.
You can see the difference in the grass height between the goat pen (with the horses) and the horse pasture (in the foreground).
Meanwhile, the goats were relaxing in the sun, in the horse pasture.
The feed bins are a very popular resting place.

The goats were happy to have the horses in their area so we left the barrier down for a few days.

After the grass was nibbled to a nice length, Flash went into the goat shelter and started investigating things.  He made a big mess so we had to put the barrier back up.


  1. Goats in a tub! Wow, I want one. Well, not after hearing how cheerful (loud) they are at feed times.

    Isn't it fascinating, I find the same thing with the donkey. The choicest grass is sub-par to her, she wants to see any new, or different thing. Our trees have no chance. I think there is a distinction "grazers vs browsers" right? Perhaps it is good we keep these species together.

    It is good to see California bright lush green.

    1. When we got the goats, we thought they would help keep the grass low. But, they are more like deer than they are like equines, with multiple stomachs, chewing cud, etc. The love shrubs and trees and could care less about grass. We tried closing them in their area so they would eat the grass there. It didn't work. They just screamed at us all day. They will eat hay and straw - just not grass. So weird. ...and, yes, very vocal. ...for food, for attention, for who-knows-what... but we love them; they are also very affectionate.

  2. Our goats did not like grass either.

  3. Of course he made a mess 😂

  4. Oh, they're so cute. Our goats are always with our horses, but our goats aren't nearly as cute as yours. Ours have horns and they buck me when I go get the horses. They're eleven years old now. We bought them to eat weeds. LOL. Let's just say that didn't pan out.

  5. Good idea to let the horses mow the grass! Love the goat in the tub. What a character!

  6. Rub a dub dub, the goat's in the tub. :D

    I love it.

  7. Those goats look ridiculously happy and content. I love it!


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