Friday, May 26, 2017

Another Jackson Update

Jackson's lab results came back and they weren't good.

He has Cushings, although it must be in the early stages because he shed out his winter coat well.  It did seem extra thick to me this year, but I figured that was just him adjusting to our Sierra climate (which is significantly colder than where we came from in Southern California).  Other symptoms of Cushings include frequent abscesses, drinking copious amounts of water and laminitis.  Although he isn't currently laminitic, he has a history of that in the past.  And he has more pee piles in his round pen than are normal so he is drinking a lot.

He also has abnormal thyroid levels.

His insulin levels are normal, though.

So, Jackson is now a highly managed horse.

He's on multiple medications; five in  total:  thyroid (2 meds), Cushings (1 - pergolide), and circulatory for his feet/navicular (2 meds).
He is wearing special boots at night to increase circulation in his feet for the navicular.

He will be wearing special shoes and hard pads to protect his thin soles.  My fingers are crossed that the shoes stay on.  His hoof walls are thin and weak.  Maybe our farrier can use glue on shoes, if traditional ones don't work.  I'm still hopeful we can get him comfortable, but it may be more challenging than I anticipated.


  1. Oh dear. This must be so stressful!

    1. Actually in a way it's a relief to finally have a diagnosis. He was tested four years ago but was negative then. I knew that there was something wrong just didn't know what. Now I know.

  2. Many horses like Jackson respond very well to pergolide and are able to return to work. If you have not already done so, you should look into this group:

    They have the most up to date and thorough treatment protocols for cushings as well as sources and dosing info for the meds. They also have trained volunteers who monitor the forum that can help you with ongoing management. They are a great resource.

    I hope Jackson is feeling better soon.

    1. I will second this recommendation. An excellent resource!

    2. I checked that website. It's great. Thank you!

  3. Sorry Jacksons results were less then favorable. That is a lot to manage. You are a good mom! Hoping he finds comfort.

  4. An American in TokyoMay 28, 2017 at 9:39 PM

    Oh poor Jackson!
    Luckily, he has great people to take care of him like you and Brett!
    I hope he gets comfortable soon. Sending good vibes to him and Tex and everyone!

  5. Poor Jackson, but it looks like he is going to be feeling better in no time with all those meds! I have seen Pergolide work miracles so fingers crossed that when you test him again in a few weeks all will be back to relatively normal levels.


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