Sunday, April 9, 2017

Trolls? What Trolls?

Lucy and I made a lot of progress during the two weeks of sunshine we enjoyed until this past Thursday.  From Thursday until Saturday afternoon, we had rain.  The temperature dropped each day, with a hail storm Friday night and snow on Saturday.

Thankfully, the snow didn't stay more than a couple of hours.  The gate latches were all frozen shut this morning and the ground was white - but from frost, not snow.  I'm hoping that the fruit trees are okay since they started blossoming about a week ago.

But, back to the sunshine.  I've been working Lucy in the Pessoa two or three evenings after work and then riding her on the weekend.  She's moving well and getting stronger.  We did a lot of sustained canter last Monday, and then on Wednesday she was pretty sluggish.  I asked for a couple transitions, which were nicely done, and then we went back to trot.

When we lunge, and the last few times we rode, we've been using the dressage court.  The footing is better there and I want Lucy to be relaxed there when we ride.  I noticed this past week that she has been favoring working up at the top of the arena where the sand isn't quite so deep (its all washing down to the bottom of the court).  This is also where the trolls live.

Initially, I worked her up there in the hopes that she would relax and not worry so much.  And then on Monday, when we were doing all the canter work, I let her pick where in the court she wanted her circles.  She clearly preferred troll corner.

Either the trolls are on vacation or she has decided that deep sand, and the harder work that goes with it, is a greater evil than trolls.  I'm guessing it has more to do with the footing, than the trolls.  Silly mare.


  1. I think I have to write a post about the REAL trolls sometime, you know the ones back in Sweden. Other than that, it is just beautiful at your place. How great that you found it. I may have said that in my last comment too, but I really love it. That veranda, my husband always wanted one just like that, but we missed out on that.

  2. Not silly- smart! You let her figure it out and she did!

  3. Sounds like now she only has herself to blame if she sees invisible trolls, since she was the one to pick her favorite workout spot.

  4. An American in TokyoApril 9, 2017 at 5:50 PM

    Yes, smart mare! ha ha!

  5. Funny! She's a clever girl. That sand is a workout!

    We also received a blanket of snow this morning. Mother Nature probably thought we would appreciate the beauty, but we did not. Now, it's melting. :(

    It sounds like you have a perfect schedule for reconditioning Lucy--consistency really helps. (Mother nature permitting.)


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