Monday, April 17, 2017

Kersey and Rosie

We celebrated Easter with family and friends.  The friends brought their dog, Rosie, along.  She's a nine month old labradoodle who lives in the suburbs.

She couldn't figure out the horses.

And the donkeys weren't too impressed with her.  Imagine lots of barking and braying going on.

Her favorite, though, was playing in the water.

Kersey showed her all the best places in the stream.

Rosie went from fluff ball to... soggy.


  1. Awe, she's adorable! Love how Kersey showed her all the best places to swim.

  2. City dog, country dog. We adopted a city dog last year, Loki, and he has loved the freedom of being able to roam the acreage at will. He is much stinkier than he was when he arrived!

  3. I bet Rosie is at home begging her family to movie out to the country like her new friend Kersey. :)


  4. Ah- there's noting like a muddy, happy dog.


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