Thursday, January 19, 2017

Time with Tex

Last Monday was a holiday so I was home when Greg, our farrier, came to trim and shoe the horses.  Fortunately, it wasn't raining that day.  Greg worked outside on the east side of the barn, where the weak sun was soaked up by the black stall mats in front of the tie rails.

Tex is not a fan of the stall mats.  When I groom him and tack him up, I ground tie him next to the mats and he is able to relax.  Greg was fine with working with Tex off of the mats as well so trimming and shoeing went smoothly.  Greg is very patient with Tex, being careful not to touch him on the right side of his neck.  I had a pocket full of cookies, and I gave one to Tex each time that Greg worked on his right side.

Afterwards, I asked Brett to bring out Flash next so I could spend more time with Tex.  I stood with Tex on the grass, working all the dreadlocks out of his mane and giving him a thorough grooming.  Tex didn't flinch while I curried and brushed him, both sides, top and bottom, front and back.  He stood quietly, nodding his head at me and, seemingly, enjoying the attention.

Cold rain has returned, with a chance of snow next week, so it will be awhile before I am able to work with Tex on a regular basis.  But, I am happy that we have not lost any ground.

After the horses were finished, Greg trimmed Finessa.  Brett asked me to halter her because the donkeys run away when they see him coming with a halter.  I walked into their pasture and stood quietly.  They looked up from the grass under the far oak and took in the halter on my shoulder, and my stance.  Then they both walked over.  I gave them back and belly rubs before slipping the halter onto Finessa.  I offered her a cookie, which she took daintily in her lips, and then held in her mouth for a few minutes before chewing.  When Greg came into the pasture with his chaps and his file, she moved closer to me.  She leaned into me for all she was worth while he worked on her feet.  This is exactly how my foot was crushed back in May.  She leaned into me and then stood on my foot.  I was so focused on keeping her quiet, for the trimming, that I didn't push her off my foot initially.  This time, I was very careful that her little hooves stayed away from my foot.


  1. Tex is coming along and obviously the Finessa really trusts you. I'm glad that you guarded your foot. I like steele toed rubber boots for working around the horses.

    1. Yes, steel toed boots are the best for working around horses. I have never had any toes broken despite being stepped on a few times. Unfortunately, though, Finessa stood on the bridge of my foot so the steel toes weren't any help at all.

  2. An American in TokyoJanuary 20, 2017 at 12:23 AM

    Lovely stories!
    I wonder what Finessa was saying to you when she saw Greg coming?!
    "Oh no, oh no, oh no...stay here with me, puuuuleeeease!!!"

  3. It seems Tex Is getting more trusting and more comfortable with the farrier and looks to you for stability. It's always good to watch our feet too. I've been stepped on more than once but luckily haven't been hurt like you were.


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