Sunday, January 1, 2017

On a Cold, Dreary New Year's Day

It was a misty, moisty, cold day.  I don't think we got above 40F and the temperature started dropping after lunch.  We are supposed to get snow tonight and tomorrow; how much is anyone's guess.  The forecast has ranged from three inches to 20 inches (currently at about seven inches).  We never believe anything until it happens.  Today was supposed to be partly sunny, with showers after 4pm.  It looked like this when we got up, and it looked like this all day long.  Sun?  What sun?  It started to rain mid-morning and dribbled and drizzled all day long.

What's a girl to do?  Make more sourdough bread for one thing.  It's a three day process, but so worth the results.  We finished off this loaf at lunch and I'm making more, that I will bake tomorrow, for us to have with soup tomorrow night.  I made the soup stock yesterday and the house smelled wonderful.

Kyle's birthday is today and when he and Camille were here to celebrate Christmas, I also made his birthday dinner.  He requested rib eye steak, potatoes au gratin, corn, Caesar salad, and homemade bread.  The crusty kind.  That's my son -- we know how to enjoy our food in this family.

This morning, there were sparrows scratching around in the leaves under the rose bushes outside the breakfast nook.  I recorded them in my book: spotted towhees and yellow crowned sparrows.

Yellow crowned sparrow (photo by

Spotted Towhee (photo

Then I put away all the Christmas decorations and ornaments from the tree.  I always do this on New Year's Day -- my "fresh start" for the New Year begins with the Christmas clutter gone.

I got a couple coloring books for Christmas.  This one is my favorite.  Of course, I started with the chicken picture.  Camille was incredulous ... with all the pictures of wild and exoctic animals to color, I picked a chicken.  I'm thinking about colors for the chicken while I work on the background.


  1. I would have chosen the chicken also. Crusty bread sounds so good!

  2. Kyle's choice for his birthday dinner sounded divine and so like you. I have not seen a photo of your bread in ages. It's supposed to go up to 40 degrees today and 50 tomorrow, then down to the mid 20s. Rain coming tonight. Keep that fire burning. By the way, has the water table improved in your neck of the woods?

  3. We're feeding a family of black-capped chickadees and a couple of what looks like house finches--but they also look like your sparrow photo. Taking down the tree at the start of the new year is a good tradition. I plan to take mine down today. Happy New Year, Annette!

  4. Your weather looks exactly like our weather has looked like for a week and longer...a single day of beautiful sunshine thrown in to keep us from going wonky. *sigh* Oh my, your bread looks delicious! Mmmmm

  5. An American in TokyoJanuary 3, 2017 at 5:35 PM

    Happy belated New Year! I wish you and your family all the best for 2017!

    Your house must smell so good after making all that bread and soup and homemade goodness! I can see how you would enjoy just sitting around, choosing colors for your chicken, and enjoying your warm fire and the See's chocolates! (My favorite!) =D


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