Monday, January 2, 2017

The Difference Between Boys and Girls

When it snows, this is what the boys do:

And, this is what the girls do:

The boys will tell you that they are tough, rugged ranch horses and they don't need no stinkin' run-in shed.

The girls will tell you that they are smart and know how to seek, and use, shelter.

Lucy had to come out, into the snow, to get her breakfast.  She was not impressed.

I tried to tell Pistol that the snow would wash away the mud and that she would be beautiful.  She was also not impressed.

So beautiful, though.  Oak Creek Ranch in the snow.


  1. Seriously envious!!! You've got snow, and soon clean horses!!!

  2. The girls are smart! I'd be right in there with them staying warm. Happy New Year! Enjoy that snow!

  3. Looks like the girls definitely have the right idea!! Snow pictures are so pretty.

  4. That looks like wet snow- which is good for building snow people....

    1. Yes, it was wet snow; heavy and thick. The sun never came out so we weren't tempted to go out and make sled people. Although, we could hear neighbor kids sledding so the snow was good for that too.

  5. It may be a sin of pride, but I can't help admire & love my property too. That viewpoint is such a lovely angle to showcase your place, and the snow just add to the picture. Lovely.

  6. Wow snow! So pretty! We have had none here yet, even in Chamonix where we spent Christmas there was only snow on the high slopes. Happy New year to you all!


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