Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Last weekend, we relaxed at a couple area wineries on Saturday and worked our tails off on Sunday.

Brett was busy working on the dressage court.  We brought in truck load after truck load of sand last year to improve the footing.  Then winter came, and with it rain, and the sand started washing away.  The arena is sloped which is good; a lake isn't a good thing.  The problem is the amount of slope that we have -- enough that, despite there being drains to divert the streams, the water runs from the top of the court, gathering speed and strength as it goes, until it reaches the bottom corner leaving a channel in its path.  Brett tried many things in an effort to stem the buckets of sand that were washing away, including landscape barriers and building a wood barrier, complete with screened holes for the water to drain.  But, there was just too much water and it ate a gully underneath the wood -- overran the new drain -- and continued stealing sand.  Brett does not give up.  He is now building a small retaining wall.  There will be small gaps between the cement blocks for the water to escape but he has dug the footing down to the roadbase and set the blocks in cement.  I think he'll win this round.  Brett builds structures that would withstand a tsunami.

Meanwhile, I was busy planting daffodils.  I ordered 500.  Why?  Because I love daffodils.  I have done the same for the past two years.  We will have 1500 daffodils planted around the front lawn, in the garden, and - this year - along the stream.  I don't think I'll order any more.  It's back breaking, tedious work.

I also installed the drip system for my new perennial garden.  Not difficult, just tedious, as there are 30 plants that each required a line.  Lastly, I raked up leaves from under the oak tree and mulched the whole thing.

Kersy worked hard on her naps.  She managed to mess up the cushions on "her" couch on the front porch.  Other than that, she didn't do much except soak up the warm fall day.

Smart dog.


  1. I love daffodils, too, and you have to plant a lot because so many disappear from voles around our place. It reminds me Olive Kitteridge--I believe she planted 2000 daffodils, but I don't have the book with me for a reference. I always wondered what that said about her. I think it's an investment in beauty--some sort of heartiness whose stewardship is well-planned.

    1. Thanks Linda -- I like that: I'm investing in beauty as opposed to just being crazy.

  2. it's hard to stop the flow of sand out with the water. I hope that Brett sorts it.

  3. Love daffodils too. You've both done a lot of work and I'm sure it will look gorgeous. Kersy has the perfect spot to over see the projects. She's so sweet.


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