Saturday, November 19, 2016

Celebrating in Mendocino

Friday was our 16th anniversary.  The week started off with a call from the front desk at work.

Guard: "How is your day going?"
Me: So far, so good.

Guard: "Would you like it to get better?"
Me: Sure
Guard: "Come down to the front desk"

Thursday morning, the sky was magical -- full of mist and clouds -- when we went out to do chores.

After feeding, mucking, delivering Kersey to the neighbors and packing the car full of wine, cheese, champagne and fruit we headed west to Mendocino.  We stopped in Sonoma to taste some wine and then cut over to the coast at Bodega Bay, just north of San Francisco.  It was a long, twisting drive up the coast with spectacular coastline on our left and pines on our right.  We drove through small towns -- population 200 -- of seaside cottages and a general store.  We arrived at our bed and breakfast just in time to catch the sunset from our room.


  1. Happy Anniversary. It sounds like a wonderful time for both of you!

  2. Happy Anniversary! It looks like a wonderful trip to celebrate.

  3. Happy anniversary! Lovely flowers, sounds like a great trip too :)


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