Friday, June 10, 2016

Random Friday

1.  Thanks for all the well-wishes on my foot.  I had an MRI late Thursday and will hopefully know the results later today.  I'm not very good with open ended situations (friends and family are nodding their heads vigorously), I need a plan.  I can understand a plan.  I can follow a plan.  So, hopefully I will soon have a diagnosis and a plan.

2.  The weather has cooled down to a reasonable level.  Thank goodness.  I am not a fan of the heat.  I know pleasant will soon be replaced with sweltering, but I'm enjoying the reprive while it lasts.

3.  My yellow summer squash are starting to come in.  The other night I picked some of them, the size of fat fingers, and sautéed them and their attached blossoms for dinner.  Brett ate them.  And he didn't poke at them or make faces or anything.

4.  We had a bit of a scare with Kersey yesterday.  When Brett went down stairs to let her out in the morning, she couldn't walk, was shaking, whining and yelping.  As long as I stayed next to her, sitting and stroking her face and belly, she didn't shake.  But, when I stood up she started shaking again and reached her paw out, resting it on my leg.  She did eventually manage to get to the barn where she ate her breakfast (she is a lab and nothing comes between them and food).  Then she laid down in the sun (it was very cool, in the upper 40s) and started trembling again.  Brett took her to the vet where they examined her (more ear splitting yelping) left hind leg, took x-rays and drew blood.  She's been extremely arthritic in that leg for a few years and they believe a bone spur broke lose and got into the joint.  We are starting her on pain meds for the arthritis and the bone spur should re-attach itself somewhere - so she won't need surgery.


  1. Poor Kersey! I hope that she heals quickly. Maybe she's echoing you?

  2. Glad to see you riding the waves of life in a champion fashion as always. May Kersey soon be jogging to the barn for breakfast

  3. Poor Kersey. Hope this resolves itself soon and she's pain free. I hear ya about labs nothing would keep my lab from food if he had to crawl to his food dish he would! Good luck with your foot too.

  4. Oh! My GOODNESS!!! Poor doggie! Boomie has been having trouble with his knee again. It's so hard when they are in pain.



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