Sunday, June 26, 2016

Party Animals

Saturday, we hosted a BBQ for my co-workers and their families.  We had 20 some people crammed in the garden and playing games out front under the oak trees.

My boss arrived and the first thing she wanted to do was to meet Tex.  When I took him to the Mark Rashid clinic, I told her all about him and (like so many people), his story touched her heart. We went to the barn to get carrots and headed to the boys pasture.  There were four or five people trailing after us.

"The one on the right, the reddish brown horse, is Tex.  He probably won't come over to the fence since there are so many of us and he is skittish.  But Flash will come for sure."

I got that wrong.  Flash watched from a distance as everyone crowded around the fence, sticking their hands full of carrots into the pasture.  Tex walked over, slowly.  He walked close enough to stretch his neck out and get carrots.  He ate three or four, from me and from our guests.  He stayed far enough back that they couldn't touch him, but close enough to get his lips around the end of a carrot.

Flash made his way over, eventually.  By the time he arrived, we only had a couple carrots left.

The goats ate an entire box of Cheerios, brought by another guest.

Our youngest guest, age six, collected eggs from the hen house.  He announced that he wasn't going to eat them, he was going to hatch them.  He dropped one before we were able to get them safely in an egg carton.  Kersey made quick work of the egg, and anything else that fell on the ground.
Shasta Daisies and Bee Balm were blooming in the garden

Today we are going to relax.  We are pretty tired from all the work of the BBQ and it is going to be hot, hot, hot.  The horses will be under the pines, swishing their tails lazily as they doze and we will be inside swishing the ice in our glasses of ice tea.


  1. Sounds like a very nice party. Great photos.

  2. You make it sound like such a nice time. I am surprised you were tired at all. Actually I am complimenting your writing, and relaxing photos. I know it is a lot of planning and work. Bet they all want to come back next year.

    1. I think you are right Michaele, I sense that this will be an annual event. At work this morning, I'm already hearing phrases that start with "thank you" and end with "next time."

  3. It sounds like a great party. And I was excited to read about Tex. Good for him!

  4. It sounds like a good time was had by all. Good for Tex! Glad he took the carrots. Your daisies and bee balm look gorgeous.

  5. An American in TokyoJune 27, 2016 at 5:13 PM

    You two are so nice to allow so many people to come and enjoy your place as well as your farmily! Sounds like Tex is getting more brave, too! Yay!


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