Saturday, October 10, 2015

Pistol's Play Day

Windows to my Soul had a play day today.  The arena was open for volunteers and friends to bring their horses and play.  I packed a lunch and Brett loaded Pistol in the trailer.

They rode in the arena first.  Pistol was a bit bothered by the bright sun -- she tosses her head, involuntarily, in bright sunlight.  Brett had put her sunglasses on (fly mask) but she still tossed her head a couple times.  Other than that (and it isn't much of an issue), Pistol was stellar.  I know.  She's always stellar.

After they were done playing in the arena, the whole group went for a walk around the small lake (very small with the drought).

Brett rode Pistol, Chrissy rode Sierra, and the rest of us walked.

It was a beautiful ride for Brett and a beautiful walk for me.

Even Lance, the resident miniature donkey, joined us.


  1. I gotta say though.. that donkey does not look very miniature!! :/ he needs a grazing muzzle, poor guy! lol!


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