Monday, October 12, 2015

Evil Kersey Dog

Sunday, Brett and I went to lunch with friends at one of the local wineries.  Unless we are going to be gone in the evening (when Kersey would chase skunks), we leave her on the property and not locked up.  She sleeps on the front porch couch, chews on sticks, and lounges in the barn.  Sometimes, we will find a glove on the front lawn or a tennis shoe in the driveway.  But, she never chews things (other than sticks) so we don't worry about her being out.

While we waited for our friends to pick us up, I sat on the front porch reading a French magazine.  When the front gate opened, I closed the magazine, put my reading glasses in their case, and then set the glass case on top of the magazine so it wouldn't blow away, on the side table by the chair.  I do this often; if I know I will be returning to the magazine or book or my iPad after doing something else.

When we arrived home, we found my magazine in shreds on the porch.  There was a trail of colorful, glossy confetti going from the back door around the side of the house, and over to my chair.  Laying next to the shredded pile of magazine at the side of the house, were my glasses (prescription, of course).  The wire frames were pulled wide and the lenses were smudged from her nose.  When I washed them, I found that two big chunks of the lens were chipped out.  I put them on and all I could see was a big blurry spot where the chips were.

The loss of the magazine was hard to take.  I have a subscription and the magazine comes every other month.  I was barely half-way through the Sept/Oct issue.  It's an expensive magazine; shipped to me from France.  I use it to improve my French vocabulary but I also really enjoy the articles -- current news, interviews, and travel/cultural articles.  I hadn't gotten to the short story or the food section yet.  You understand my despair.

And, she looks like such a sweet dog.  It's a facade, I tell you.  Fake.  She's evil.

Okay, she's not evil and I still love her to death.  This is the first time, in her five years, that she has destroyed/chewed something.  Maybe I should cut her some slack.


  1. Message delivered (Kersey says). Leave the dog without company, and you pay . . .

  2. Oh man, I'm sorry to hear about both your glasses AND your magazine. Is there an online version you might be able to access? I know it's not the same, but at least you'd get some of the stories!

  3. She's worth every page, each lens.... My Mom always said " what's on the floor, belongs to the dog".

    Our two year old Addie is the first dog out of six who doesn't destroy our stuff. Miracle.

  4. She missed you. Tess never chews my chore shoes I leave by the door unless I am late getting home. Every time.


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