Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Mark Rashid: Day 1

Poor Pistol.  I don't think she's ever worked so hard in her life.  Brett called and told me about his first ride today at the Mark Rashid clinic.

Mark remembered Brett -- and Mufasa.  He said that Brett's decision to stop riding Mufasa was a good one; the right one.  And he thinks Pistol is a good little mare; a bit fat, but a good mare.

They spent most of their lesson working on Pistol's trot.  Mark complimented how smooth her trot is and how quiet Brett keeps his hands.  He wanted Brett to take a little more contact, to keep Pistol from diving low with her head.  Once Pistol figured out where her poll was supposed to be she started working through her body really well.  Brett said he could feel her stepping under and pushing from behind.

They did a little bit of canter work but Pistol was out of gas at that point.  Brett hosed her off and put her back in her stall.  Brett said she was too tired to eat -- and that's saying a lot for Pistol.

The best part was the joy in Brett's voice when he talked about his ride.  I never heard that when he rode Mufasa.  I didn't even hear it when he rode Flash in lessons (at mounted patrol training, yes, for sure).  Flash was very heavy on the forehand and he braced like crazy.  Pistol does neither.  And Brett rides well now, he's not the novice he was when he got Flash.

Pistol and Brett are really good together.  Happy, relaxed and connected. He has two more days at the clinic; two more lessons with Mark.  I'll  keep you posted.


  1. Brett! So happy for you and Pistol. It's your turn! Is anyone taking pictures please?

  2. So glad Brett and Pistol got to ride with Mark again. It's great to see Brett happy with his horse - they're a great team!

  3. Very exciting that he's connecting like that with Pistol. I've never seen a horse too tired to eat--now, that's tired. I'm looking forward to reading more about his adventure.


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