Sunday, September 27, 2015

Workshop: Transitions (Part One)

This past weekend Lucy and participated in Sandy Savage's workshop on transitions.  There were five riders and numerous auditors, including my friend Heather who flew up from Southern California.

We trailered Lucy down to Clay Station Ranch in Wilton Friday afternoon.  It was "only" 103 when we arrived.  Sandy had arranged for Lucy to have a stall with a run-out/small paddock.  I unloaded Lucy and walked her over to her stall while Brett and Heather lugged over her hay.  They set the hay in front of her stall and then went back to the trailer to unhitch the truck.  There was a gallon milk jug hanging from the top rung of her pipe corral stall door.  You know the kind: you put in a packet of stinky stuff, fill it with water, flies crawl inside and drown.  Well, I had the brilliant idea of moving the jug so it would be swinging outside of her stall instead of inside.  I lifted the jug and tried to squeeze it between the bars.  It got a little stuck, I pushed... and dumped the dead flies and stinky water on the top of my head.  It ran down my face, soaked my tee-shirt and trickled into my bra.  Great.  Now I smelled like cat pee and the workshop hadn't even started.

The barn owner told me that there was a shower in the lounge, and Brett had a clean teeshirt in his truck.  I headed to the lounge.  ...and the shower would not go on.  A breaker had flipped and there was no power to the well pump.  No water in the lounge.  Sandy happened to be in the lounge and knocked on the door.  I was standing in the middle of the bathroom, stark naked, reeking.  She grabbed two water battles from the cooler and passed them in to me.  Remember, it was 103F so I didn't mind at all that the water was really cold.  I stood in the shower and dumped them both over my head.  I put my bra (which still reeked) back on and Brett's tee shirt.

Sandy did a lecture and demo ride on Releve at 5:30.  Afterwards, we snacked on cheese and had a glass of wine before heading home.  The truck smelled like cat pee the whole way home and I'm surprised they seated us at the diner where we stopped for dinner.  It took two nights of aggressive shampooing to get the smell completely out of my hair.

Sometimes, I am such a dork.

The rest of the clinic was awesome.

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  1. is it wrong that I am giggling??

    Mostly because I would have done the exact same thing....


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