Monday, September 7, 2015

The Heat is Back we took the kayaks up to Wrights Lake which is about 25 miles this side of Lake Tahoe in the Desolation Wilderness area of the Sierra Nevada.  The lake is very quiet -- no motor boats allowed at all.  We kayaked across the lake and then paddled up a stream for awhile.  90F at home and 70F on the lake.
Me and Margarita -- I mean, what else would you name a lime green kayak?

Heading up stream; lots of practice steering to dodge submerged boulders, logs and sandbars.

There were lots of pretty cabins along the shore.  (That's Brett in his kayak, Squirrel - in honor of Rachel, his granddaughter, who is on a rowing team at school)

We paddled up this stream, starting at the trail bridge.
Our friends, George and Nancy, were behind us going up the stream and took this video.

Having lunch on the shore.

Those are the Crystal mountains behind the lake -- is it gorgeous or what.


  1. It is gorgeous! What a peaceful activity...perfect.

  2. what a stunning location. And of course Margarita is the perfect name....

  3. My goodness... beautiful pictures!


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