Friday, June 26, 2015

Random Friday

1.  There were a number of comments and one question about Lucy's reluctance to canter. Theresa asked if she canters freely on the lunge or in her pasture.  I haven't lunged her and she doesn't run around much in the pasture (its been too dang hot for that).  She does canter a bit in the mornings and evenings when she sees the hay cart coming but I haven't noticed if she is favoring one lead over the other.  Our appointment for tomorrow morning was cancelled because our vet doesn't do hock injections.  He recommended that we go to UC Davis or contact the vet that did them last time.  He knows her and said that she is a board certified surgeon with an excellent reputation.  The good news is that she cantered perfectly sound and happy this morning, on both leads.

2.  I have been eagerly, anxiously, impatiently waiting for my InterDressage test scores.  The dressage judge went off to teach a clinic (the nerve) so results have been delayed.  I have a number in my mind about what I think our score should be -- I'm curious to see if it matches up.  I'm also looking forward to the tips and advice section; other riders have posted on the website how incredibly helpful those comments have been in improving their riding.  At the moment, I am squarely in last place (of six riders).  I think the class I entered is a bit beyond where Lucy and I are at the moment; we need to get the basics more solid first.  The European levels are different than those in the US -- I'll figure it out eventually.  A rider from Estonia is in first at the moment, followed by a pack of Brits.

3.  There is a couple who live on the dirt road that curves around behind our property; they live about a mile and a half away -- around the back, then up to the top of the hill.  Their property is very steep (not at all horse friendly) with a spectacular view.  They are wine lovers and we seem to be spending a lot of time together on the weekends at winery events, in their wine cellar or on the deck.  This past week their daughter and her family came to visit and we met them at a fund raiser held at a local winery.  There were three small grandchildren, ages 3ish to 10ish.  The middle child, Alayna, peppered me with questions during dinner about our animals, her blue eyes wide with interest.  Of course, a visit was arranged this past week and they came by one afternoon while I was at work (rats).  Brett said that the oldest boy was polite but uninterested.  The youngest girl scampered up and down the creek embankements, with her parents in hot pursuit.  But Alayna met all the animals.  She led Flash to the tie rail where she helped groom him.  She watched Brett pick Flash's hoof and declared she wanted to try -- Brett held the hoof (very heavy for a wee little girl) while she carefully and thoroughly brushed out every crumb of dirt.  ...someone is going to have a pony on their Christmas list.

4.  It has been really hot this past week.  We rode at 5:45 this morning to beat the heat -- and it was 65 already/still.  When I got home from work it was 100.  Yech.

5.  Do you ever have trouble reading a book because you intensely dislike a character?  I'm having that problem now.  I am reading "The Language of Paradise" by Barbara Moss which is very well written but I cringe inwardly reading about the husband and have a horrible sense of foreboeding.  I'm only half way through the book -- we'll see if I manage to finish it or not.  I think I need to or this character is going to keep sitting in the back of mind, bothering me.

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  1. wow. that sounds very hot. I'm glad that she seems to be cantering well and I can't wait to hear about your 'show' outcome. :)


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