Sunday, June 28, 2015

Cooling Off

No, not the weather.  Its still hotter than blazes here.  This morning we picked up a pool for Kersey.  She wasted no time trying it out.

I think I may join her...


  1. I wish that we had some heat here! Today was in the 50s and rainy.

  2. I wish so much they had those plastic hardshell pools here! They are so easy to use and fill and then if they get dirty, just dump and refill. All they have here are soft inflatable kiddie pools, and I don't want to sit around blowing it up, and then the reverse process to deflate it, and I like to set my lawn chair directly in the pool, and you can't do that with inflatables cuz they'll puncture. The only reason I can fathom, why there are no hardshell pools here - people don't have the storage space that Americans have. What do you think? You've been to Europe a lot.

  3. It's a labbie thing! They soooo luv water.


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