Friday, June 5, 2015

Random Friday

1.  I rode Lucy early this morning, before sunup, and she was lovely.  Lovely, lovely Lucy.  I don't know if it was the cool morning air, whether her hormones were settled, or whether it was in response to our last ride (which neither of us enjoyed).  I suspect it was a combination of all three.  Lucy was very forward, very light, but also relaxed and obedient.  Her canter was powerful, but controlled and round.  She extended in trot on the diagonal and her transitions were like glass.  Honestly, I think it was the best ride I've had on her -- ever.  EVER.

2.  After our ride, I halted in the middle of the arena and leaned forward onto her neck.  I reached my arms down, in a kind of hug, and scratched her at the base of her neck, where it meets her chest.  It's Lucy's favorite spot.  I rubbed the tips of my fingers in circles, and then up and down the crease at the base of her neck.  Lucy stretched her neck, lifted her nose to the sky, closed her eyes and twitched her lips in pleasure.

3.  Back at the tie rail, I slipped the bridle off over Lucy's ears and she gently dropped the bit.  She turned to me and dropped her head into my arms.  I scratched and rubbed both sides of her face while she rested her forehead on my chest.

4.  I slipped off the saddle and her protective boots, gave her a quick curry and brushing and then used my fleecy mitt to rub coat conditioner/fly repellent onto her body.  She stood with a hind leg cocked and her eyes half closed.  I led her back to her pasture where she dropped her head for me to slip off the halter.  I gave her a cookie and then put on her fly mask.  She nickered softly. I gave her another cookie.  She stayed until I opened the gate and left.  I put away my tack and headed into the house to get ready for work.  It was 6:45.

5.  At 8am, I parked my car at worked and walked into the building.  My step was light and I felt like singing -- something like "zip-a-dee doo dah zip-a-dee ay, my oh my, what a wonderful day."


  1. Oh what a wonderful day. I like cookies too:) Hug B

  2. Just about those special moments with my horse!

  3. Lovely to read - just wonderful!

    Also, please let Brett know that I passed on to Mark Brett's and Mufasa's greetings. Mark remembered them, and asked how they were doing, and was pleased to hear that Mufasa was doing well and that when he was troubled he was looking to Brett for help.

  4. you are inspiring me. Yay for good morning rides.

  5. Sounds like LOVE! "Then used my fleecy mitt to rub coat conditioner/fly repellent onto her body." I'm going to start doing that.


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