Friday, January 16, 2015


A three day weekend!  Hot dog!  And Camille is here to visit with Cody, her boyfriend; even better.

I made mussels for dinner -- with artichokes and crusty bread.  Camille has always loved artichokes and she fell in love with mussels when we were in France visiting my friend Sylvie.  I think Camille ordered mussels every time we went out to eat.  I bought all the mussels they had at the local market and we feasted.  I bought a lot and we ate every last one of them, soaking up the winey herb broth with fresh broth.

This was the first time we have met Cody.  Thumbs up.

And more progress was made on the bathroom today.  All the debris has been hauled away and they started framing.  Brett ordered tile... we are on our way.


  1. Now to put Cody to the real test on that bathroom. Lol. Three days for me too. Glorious!


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