Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Not My Kind of Town

I spent Monday and Tuesday at a meeting in Las Vegas. To say that the city is in direct conflict with my word for this year, (authentic), would be an understatement. Monday night, after dinner in a casino restaurant with my team from work, I left the table and walked back to my room at the earliest opportunity. While I savored the peace and quiet there, I looked out my window at the lights of the strip and thought about the people I saw on my walk back to the room. It seems to me that there is a lot of glitz in Vegas, a lot of sparkle and shine, but not much happiness. I scribbled my feelings on the scratch pad sitting by the phone.

Me, in my well worn jeans,
surrounded by spiky heels
and black spandex skirts
skimming hips,
and hugging thighs;
Shivering goosebump exposed
in the taxi line;
bleached bright smiles over
ochre lined eyes,
-- oh honey,
who are you? buried
beneath the black
shattered night.


  1. Not quite like Oak Creek! Your words captured the feel beautifully.

  2. Very nice, thanks for sharing. I haven't been to Vegas, but I've been to Reno and can't say I enjoyed it much - gaming machines in the airport as you get off the plane - but at least the natural setting is beautiful. Vegas is a place I have zero interest in visiting.

  3. Your poem describes Vegas exactly - you have a grace with words, Annette!

  4. I could never live there, but I used to work with someone who grew up there... she laughed and said it was a normal town with a lot of normal people in it, except for the tourists!

  5. nice poem. I like it. Funnily enough Las Vegas is one place that I've NEVER wanted to go. Ever. And you summed up why.

  6. I remember my first visit to Vegas, coming down into the valley at dusk. All those lights! I thought, 'what a waste of resources'. There ARE a lot of families and normal folks in faded jeans outside of The Strip, though.

  7. Wow! Very good. I know the feeling.


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