Saturday, January 17, 2015

Pass The Aspirin

This morning, Camille and Cody loaded Kersey into the back of Camille's car and drove up to Jenkinson Lake.  The water level is still quite low (no rain since Christmas), but there was more than enough for Kersey to enjoy a bracing swim.

She needed a couple of aspirin when she got home and crawled into her bed for a long nap.

While the kids were gone, Brett worked on smoothing out the gullies in the dressage court so we could ride.  He worked on it steady for a good hour and a half.  I caught Camille's boyfriend taking a picture of it last night -- his mother rides dressage, how cool is that!.  I told Cody he had to take a picture of it looking like a real arena today.

It was apparently siesta time when we decided to ride.  Mufasa was the only animal not taking a nap.

Her majesty, Lucy, wasn't too pleased with me interrupting her beauty sleep.
"Seriously, you want to ride now?  In the middle of my nap?"

She heaved herself to her feet and glared at me.
"If you think I'm going to walk over to you, you've got another thing coming.  You can come get me."
I extended my hand.  "I have a cookie, Lucy."
"Oh, alright.  I'm coming."

Brett hasn't ridden Mufasa since last August, before he had his knee replaced.  He's ridden Pistol, but not the big red guy.  In the two weeks prior to Brett's surgery, he came off Mufasa twice.  Mufasa wasn't being naughty, but Brett was a tad nervous about riding him nonetheless.  Mufasa stood quiety while he was being tacked up.

We had a lovely ride.  Both horses were perfectly behaved.  Once again, Lucy immediately stretched down.  Our normal 20 minutes spent getting her to stretch took ten.  Then what?  I'm not used to having time to work on other stuff.  We did a lot of lateral work today and she was Gumby bendy.

Afterwards, Lucy and Mufasa when back to their pastures where they enjoyed a good roll.  Brett and I went into the house in search of aspirin.  My abs and Brett's shoulders are talking to us big time.

Chicken and dumplings for dinner tonight, with apple cherry pie for dessert.  Camille's Cody eats all my cooking and pours Brett more wine -- I'd say he's making a good impression on her parents.


  1. Beautiful lake. Such color! Congrats to Brett for getting back on his glad you two had a good ride. Camille's Cody sounds like he fits right in. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  2. A busy day for all! Glad Brett's first ride on Mufasa went so well.

    That relaxation and stretching down is so important as a foundation - my horses and I have really been working on that and it's made a huge difference. Glad you had a good ride, and I'm very envious of your dressage court.

  3. Cody sounds like a good one!
    I love the look of a fresh dragged arena. Glad that you had a good ride.

    For the 'now what' try the stretchy trot circle and see what she thinks of it. When it works it really loosens up the back. Or maybe you did and I misunderstood.

    Also, maybe it's time to practice some test moves.....

  4. That Cody is one charming guy. Glad you had enough aspirin to go around. Looks so glorious there this time of year.


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